Yukon territory land form regions map

images yukon territory land form regions map

Ancient volcanoes play an important role in estimating Canada's mineral potential. In the semiarid valleys of the Interior system, the lowest vegetation zone is grassland. Permafrost is common. In an effort to encourage natural resource exploration, the previous — Yukon Party government led by Dennis Fentie has suspended the application of the Protected Areas Strategy established by a previous Yukon New Democratic Party government and has indicated its intention of not creating additional protected areas or parks. There are also land-locked kokanee sockeye salmon and rainbow trout. Lawrence lowland forests. Placer gold is found in many streams and rivers, and there is an active placer mining industry in the Klondike and many other parts of Yukon to this day. It is believed that there are abundant natural gas fields in the Eagle Plains area along the Dempster Highway and possibly in the Whitehorse area, but distance from pipelines has hampered exploration. The Canadian Encyclopedias. Higher elevations consist of bedrock outcrops, while upland surfaces and upper valley-side slopes are covered by angular rock-rubble accumulations.

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    A map of Yukon · Yukon is in the northwestern corner of Canada and is bordered by Alaska and the Northwest The territory is about the shape of a right triangle, bordering the American state of Alaska to the west, the Northwest Territories Yukon coverskm2, of whichkm2 is land and 8, km2 is water. The movement of the earth's plates, and the resulting folding 7 Landform Regions: 1. Quebec. – Smallest landform region in Canada. • Physical Description. LANDFORM REGION MAP OF CANADA.

    Sometimes the term Cordillera region covers most of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. The great height and.
    CUP Archive. The Atlantic watershed drains the entirety of the Atlantic provinces parts of the Quebec-Labrador border are fixed at the Atlantic Ocean-Arctic Ocean continental dividemost of inhabited Quebec and large parts of southern Ontario. Heavy rain and snow on the Coast Mountains give rise to dense forests and maintain extensive snowfields and glaciers at relatively low elevations.

    Approximately half of the Shield is classified as upland. Geography of North America.

    images yukon territory land form regions map
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    This basin is most important in fighting drought in the prairies and producing hydroelectricity, especially in Manitoba, northern Ontario and Quebec.

    Grieser; C. The territory is about the shape of a right triangle, bordering the American state of Alaska to the west, the Northwest Territories to the east and British Columbia to the south.

    Dawson City. Canada's many rivers have afforded extensive development of hydroelectric power.

    Yukon's geography and landforms, including information on the Saint Locator Map of Yukon, Canada Provinces & Territories Of Canada.

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    This map shows the location of these physiographic regions, including their Canadian Shield; Hudson Bay Lowland; Arctic Lands; Interior Plains It consists of vast areas of massive rocks that form flat, broad, Figure 3: Lac de Gras, Northwest Territories - This photograph shows in the foreground. Landform Region Map Canada has three basic types of landforms.

    1. Shield 2. 10 Western Cordillera A glacier-fed lake in Jasper National Park in Alberta.
    Regina [18]. Higher temperatures would mean more evaporation and drying out an already dry climate, resulting in more forest fires and reducing the biological productivity of boreal forestswhose growth is limited more by lack of moisture than temperature.

    images yukon territory land form regions map

    The Canadian Shield is known for its vast minerals, such as emeralds, diamonds and copper. Whitehorse Agglomeration. There is a considerable amount of small scale loggingbut the only area that can sustain industrial forestry is in the southeast with its wetter climate. Infobase Publishing.

    images yukon territory land form regions map
    Boreal forest covers much of the shield, with a mix of conifers that provide valuable timber resources in areas such as the Central Canadian Shield forests ecoregion that covers much of Northern Ontario.

    Michael Hogan.

    images yukon territory land form regions map

    ActonJ. Previous Next. Lakes and rivers are ice-free from June—October in the south and from July—August in the north; they are ice-covered for the rest of the year.

    The region is known for its extensive mineral reserves. Wild mammals of North America 2nd ed.

    Areas quoted for these regions are the land areas and do not Several distinctive landforms occur in the Arctic Lands, most often.

    The Manitoba Plain is the lowest and flattest of the three prairie steps. Hugh S. Bostock, " Physiographic Regions of Canada," Geological Survey of Canada Map A. Government of Yukon - A listing of available maps produced by the Government of Yukon. |Font Size: | Contact us | Français. Search: All Government Sites Forms Major drainage areas (produced by Department of Environment) Yukon lands viewer (produced by Energy, Mines and Resources), HTML.

    Around million years ago (the Paleozoic Era), this landform region was created.

    It covers many provinces like Alberta and about half of Saskatchewan and the Northwest. Something went wrong, the map did not load correctly.
    Mustelids are also well represented and include the wolverine Gulo gulomarten Martes americanaermine Mustela erminealeast weasel Mustela nivalisAmerican mink Mustela visonand the river otter Lontra canadensis. Main article: Ecoregions of Canada disambiguation.

    Historica Canada. Links related to Geography of Canada. For historical political boundaries of Canada, see Territorial evolution of Canada.

    images yukon territory land form regions map
    Lawrence, which drains the Great Lakes and empties into the Gulf of St.

    It contains two well-preserved cinder cones that caps a small shield volcano. The zone between the Shield and the Western Cordillera is a Palaeozoic plain — million years old gently sloping from m in elevation downwards to the Arctic Ocean. The Shield mostly consists of eroded hilly terrain and contains many lakes and important rivers used for hydroelectric production, particularly in northern Quebec and Ontario.

    Its ragged eastern boundary mostly follows the divide between the Yukon River Basin and the Mackenzie River watershed to the east in the Mackenzie mountains.

    This third step has a bolder, more varied relief, reflecting the close proximity of the erosion-resistant bedrock surface in many areas.

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    1. Winnipeg [24]. Fossil fuels are a more recently developed resource in Canada, with oil and gas being extracted from deposits in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin since the mid s.