World poker tour pinball rule sheet

images world poker tour pinball rule sheet

The left lane also scores a chip trick when lit or a super trick if you've completed all the tricks. The left scoop locks the ball when lit a virtual lockawards extra balls, gives semi-random awards through the Cut The Cards feature and is also one of the major shots for some of the modes, so it has a big red arrow. There is one inlane and one outlane on either side. Bonus Bonus is comprised of Hold 'em hands 10K per, cumulative from all ballstrophies collected from modes 50K per, cumulativecities won 25K per, cumulativesharpshooter based on each ball, somehow related to drop targets and an end of ball bonus may be based on switch hits? Low Gear shots max out at 1. Upon spotting your fifth Chip trick you start Super Trick: you have 10 seconds to hit a flashing Chip Trick. Well, they're: L-R. Next to the left loop is the left ramp. When they are hit a corresponding blue LED lights above each target and completing them all adds a bonus multiplier.

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  • Below is a list of all the features of World Poker Tour. Values for some features are a work in progress, as are the features that may change in. Pinball playing tips for World Poker Tour.

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    Poker Corner modes are qualified by completing poker hands (left and right ramps). Starting Poker Corner.

    images world poker tour pinball rule sheet

    0. 0. 0 You are right in that no one has developed a comprehensive rulesheet.
    Directly above the left outlane is the Light Lock target.

    images world poker tour pinball rule sheet

    It is also one of the main shots for the modes that use them and is a good place to park a ball during hectic multiballs or to move the action back to the upper playfield.

    Balls can exit from the bumpers into either the left or the right scoop lanes but the left is more common. These poker hands cannot be progressed during Know Your Outs or Cut the Cards because those modes use the drops.

    They act like rollover lanes but without the rollovers. Winning your first tournament requires completing one hold 'em hand, and awards 1M points.

    images world poker tour pinball rule sheet
    World poker tour pinball rule sheet
    Getting the ball into the scoop is the only way to register a shot.

    images world poker tour pinball rule sheet

    The Light Lock target is a hard one to hit with any consistency as it requires a very accurate shot. Does anyone know the rules to poker wizard Mb?

    To be accurate, the award given is the one lit when the ball arrives at the kicker so you need to allow for that delay.

    World Poker Tour • PinTips

    It feeds nicely back to the flippers making it a repeatable shot to really get those spinners flying and the pot building. There are two standard length white flippers here with another two on the upper playfield.

    0 WPT WORLD POKER TOUR Find-lt-ln-Fronf: Dr.

    Pinball DR. after reading the Pinball Game Set-Up Instruction Sheet (SPI Part N - ) included.

    Page 1 of 3 - World Poker Tour (Stern ) - posted in Future Pinball - Works in Of course your recreation can implement your own rules. Mike Sexton, Courtney Friel and Vince Van patten, hosts of the WPT TV show and here's what they really We'll cover the rules for this a little later in this review.
    Initially only the hole cards are displayed but as you make the ramps to add the flop, turn and river cards your hand fills up. Multiballs - Side pots are collected by hitting the orbits during a multiball.

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    The possible awards are the same on the skill shot mystery and cut the cards. Making some contributions to polish up the rulesheet. Jackpots start at k, and are awarded from ramp shots and hitting the jail.

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    images world poker tour pinball rule sheet
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    Below is a list of all the features of World Poker Tour.

    Left ramp lights for 1M jackpot, and then you can relight the jackpot by completing a drop target bank, with the left bank lighting 3X jackpot, the center for 1X or the right for 2X.

    GroundControl UTC 5. Hurry Up - Hitting any of the white stand up targets on the mini-playfield three times will begin a hurry up, starting at 1M and decreasing. Pop Bumpers - Base value of 1K points, can be increased with the stand up targets, or through mystery awards.

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    1. Subsequent chip tricks award higher points for the rest of ball and comboing them will award 2X, 3X etc the value. Winning your second tournament requires two hands, awards 1.

    2. Completing hands lights Poker Corner see below and progresses tournaments see below. This drops straight down into the pop bumpers with only a flashy animation of the WPT words on the display to console you.