Wingsofdeathx zed montage reddit

images wingsofdeathx zed montage reddit

All 3 of them. I think the best assasin players - Pawn Faker are both incredibly talented and someone that constantly brings leads to their lanes when they have an advantage and creates very strong team-play. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. OPscT Fortnite. This to me is his Tier 1 champion pool. Extremely well played. People are fucking insane. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

  • A Zed montage that a friend of mine did! leagueoflegends
  • Bjergsen's Best Champions (opinions) TeamSolomid
  • Aphromoo Pyke outplay leagueoflegends

  • I've been playing a lot of Zed lately and to supplement my learning, I was wondering if anyone You can find Zed montages, guides and full game videos on his channel.

    Wingsofdeathx is an allegedly good Zed player. Gosu LoL. WingsofDeathX LoL.

    images wingsofdeathx zed montage reddit

    I get the feeling Bjerg would rather play azir over zed. Scale for late game and .

    Video: Wingsofdeathx zed montage reddit Zedxsmurf Zed Montage - Challenger Zed Plays

    I honestly think you could make a montage out of bjergsen killing sneaky on zed in lcs. permalink; embed. Gosu LoL. WingsofDeathX LoL LoLBjergsen Solo Kills Montage (self. TeamSolomid) Same here!

    A Zed montage that a friend of mine did! leagueoflegends

    Bjergsen's Zed and Ahri were fun to watch.
    Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Luckily those three shurikans dodged Aphromoo or they would've been in some real trouble there. Our team has been undergoing changes and I for one think it is important that we do experience lots of losses and changes so we can slowly find our identity and mold our team into a power force.

    Pff I pulled that off easily on my Commodore 64 back in Writing like this gets hard, but holy shit he dodged the 3 shurikens with his ultie. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Leblanc 2.

    images wingsofdeathx zed montage reddit

    images wingsofdeathx zed montage reddit
    Wingsofdeathx zed montage reddit
    What Would Moe Do? Log in or sign up in seconds. Please for the love of God someone explain this to me Halifax PUBG.

    Bjergsen's Best Champions (opinions) TeamSolomid

    Like right now he hasn't played Zed in ages. Fizz Khalifa 1, views.

    Holy shit I've been looking for this video forever since wingsofdeath You should watch me on zed. bronze 5 montages are a joke to my zed. Check our meta subreddit Theme selection. This subreddit is night mode compatible A Zed montage that a friend of mine did!

    images wingsofdeathx zed montage reddit

    (). WingsOfDeath, Didn't even realize he was a streamer until after the game. . Played some games with Azoh last season and got to pick Zed and Spazie, Perkz and a bunch of low to mid diamond montage players that.
    Many analysts and players often praised for being able to "punished mistakes" as opposed to making a play e.

    All 3 of them. Please try again later.

    The Glacierrviews New. However despite his performances on that champion and everyone's perception he should just be put on assassins due to current team performanceI personally do not see it as the champion pool that is his best and "unique" to his own style.

    Sign in to make your opinion count. OPscT Fortnite.

    Aphromoo Pyke outplay leagueoflegends

    images wingsofdeathx zed montage reddit
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    Or will Reddit dodge the meme creation like Aphro dodged those 3 shuriken with his ult? Hydrogen - The Gangplank - Duration: Submit a new text post. Gosu LoL.

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    1. What I thought was the most stunninly impressive thing was when the Pyke player hit a key in the upper-middle portion of the keyboard just slightly before the Zed player used his ult and W abilities to launch 3 razor sharp 3 pointed blades in the general direction of where the pyke was; however, at that very moment, the pyke player blinked to zed's current position just behind the first blade thrown, causing him to take 0 damage and effectively negate the ability entirely.

    2. If you look closely, you can tell this streamer is playing the popular computer game "League of Legends".

    3. I'm going to go on a punt and say I think Aphromoo knew that the Zed would want to cast his shurikans once the stun had ended.