Whitwick colliery disaster flat

images whitwick colliery disaster flat

Many theories have been expounded to account for its origin, one being that the houses built on the righthand side after the old railway bridge were constructed on the site of the old 'Dumblies' pig farm. At the surface, the old 19th century boiler plant had been replaced by two John Thompson water-tube boilers fitted with mechanical stokers. Events at Whitwick Colliery, now the site of the Whitwick Retail Park and Morrisons supermarket, in particular, have caused both despair and elation. From this it may be inferred that the steam cylinder was double acting. Albert Robinson, who was Chairman of the group at the time, was aware that there was a new winding wheel held in reserve at the colliery. Fatal Accident — On 19 April there took place the most serious underground accident ever to occur in the Leicestershire coalfield. Views Read Edit View history. Picket line badge. Its 'Green Man' wine is based on the Madeleine Angevine grape. There are several surviving examples of framework knitters' cottages in the village, which can be recognised by elongated first storey windows, designed to allow greater inlet of light.

  • In the year , William Stenson sank a pit shaft on land adjacent to Long Lane, Whitwick
  • Dig it! When our recordbreaking miners were the best in Europe Leicestershire Live

  • By /, coal production levels at Whitwick pit were at their peak, and of Dan' now devoid of houses and presenting a prominent position in Whitwick.

    Record-breaking miners at Whitwick Colliery in April The Whitwick Colliery Disaster of was the worst mining accident to happen in. Crowds waiting for news at No 5 pit in April as news of the Whitwick Colliery mining disaster spread. (Image: Unknown)10 of
    Further areas with coal reserves were either purchased or leased and further shafts were sunk.

    images whitwick colliery disaster flat

    One reel was 6 feet diameter bare for winding from the Upper Main Seam horizon and the other reel was 9 feet diameter bare for winding from the Lower Main Seam horizon. Though coal mining on this scale was only a major concern in Whitwick for a century and a half - a relatively short period for a settlement with a documented history spanning ten centuries - the place is still considered by many to be a colliery village due to the massive physical impact of the industry on the character of the village in terms of homogeneous red brick housing development during the 19th and 20th centuries.

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    Above the front entrance of the church is the figure of St Davidcast in 'ciment fondu' and coated with a bronze resin. The shaft appears to have been widened slightly from 9ft. As compressed air was not generally used at Whitwick Colliery, a small electrically driven Consolidated Pneumatic air compressor was installed locally to the loading station.

    images whitwick colliery disaster flat
    A brief history of Whitwick pit.

    More On Morrisons Coalville. The mining industry in north west Leicestershire has had many highs and lows since the pit shafts were sunk in the s.

    In the year , William Stenson sank a pit shaft on land adjacent to Long Lane, Whitwick

    In the News Award-winning 50s American diner up for sale as owners retire after 15 years "We want someone to carry on exactly how it is at the moment.

    Roof timbers caught fire due to a gob fire caused by spontaneous combustion.

    The Colliery Guardian magazine reported on Whitwick Colliery in October, At this time Two reels for flat ropes were fitted on the crankshaft.

    images whitwick colliery disaster flat

    One reel was. Another person who died in the disaster was John Richards.

    images whitwick colliery disaster flat

    This is a transcript of his grave: WHITWICK COLLIERY DISASTER APRIL 19TH AGED A Tribute to Philip Healey, the Mines Rescue Brigade and coal miners everywhere.
    In the News Police issue warning as blue-green algae 'poisonous to humans and animals'. The cages were double deck carrying a single 12 cwt. The photo shows the miners who were involved in the record. This engine was a twin cylinder horizontal, cylinders 26in.

    The crankshaft was geared in the ratio 1 to 4 to a second motion shaft to which was fitted a 9ft.

    images whitwick colliery disaster flat
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    This small structure still stands near the present day 'futuristic' church, work on which was commenced in Materials and supplies for use underground were wound entirely at No.

    Pumping — A beam pumping engine was located at the top of the pumping shaft and this engine was alleged to have been made by Messrs. It is possible that this site was regarded as sacred in pre-Christian times, thereby influencing the choice of location for the church.

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    Whitwick /ˈwɪtɪk/ is a large village in Leicestershire, England, close to the town of Coalville in. There was a mining disaster on 19 April in Whitwick Number Five Pit which resulted in the deaths of thirty five men. . alterations have been carried out to this building to replace the original flat roof with a pitched one.

    Coalville is a town in North West Leicestershire, England, with a population at the census In the direction of Bardon, there were no houses until arriving at a group of five or six cottages There is also a small memorial garden here, established in memory of 35 men who died in the Whitwick Colliery Disaster of Jeffrey A G Knight. The Whitwick Colliery Disaster: New Evidence from .

    Warwick upon threat of plunder of their houses, while Astley House troopers stand.
    John the Baptist is an ancient structure, nestling in a natural amphitheatreclose to the confluence of two streams. Byit is recorded that the number of frames in Whitwick had dwindled to National Coal Board embossed on them.

    Surface and Coal Preparation — A new pit bank or heapstead was built at No. Most have now closed and even been demolished. Both firms are listed on Hermitage Road under Coalville in a trade directory of Leicester Homelessness Woman 'concerned for safety' after finding rough sleepers and needles in doorway to her flat.

    Dig it! When our recordbreaking miners were the best in Europe Leicestershire Live

    images whitwick colliery disaster flat
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    Mount St. Retrieved 23 June At No. This set was issued to J.

    The sorting band was feet long and 3ft.

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    1. Until the early 19th century, the parish church remained the only place of worship in the village.

    2. Crime Man mugged on upmarket Leicester estate then attacked minutes later Victim was pulled to the floor. The engine was equal beam giving a stroke of 8ft.