Sweet sounding languages

images sweet sounding languages

August 16, Irish, Vietnamese and Circassian all sound interesting to me. January 25, November 20, March 31, Regarding similar phonetics between French and Spanish, I have found this to be particularly true with some of the irregular verb tenses: - Dis -moi. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Location: France 7 posts, read 24, times Reputation: It's an official, national, or widely spoken language in 44 countries, including the United States.

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  • Place your vote on the list of Top 10 Best Sounding Languages. It's very beautiful not in a sweet way but it sounds strong and structured with with very unique. This blog highlights which of the languages are considered the be akin to undermining their underlying features of being “beautiful, sweet, and soft”. writing system and a flowing sounds that greatest poets of the world.

    I used to think German was a very harsh sounding language. I did start the learning foreign languages (at least to me foreign) with Hebrew.
    While this classification has little to do with the actual characteristics of the language itself, it's no surprise that most Romance languages are also considered romantic because of how they sound.

    images sweet sounding languages

    It's on my list. February 2, On the other hand, Spanish is a phonetic language; other than "h", if you see a letter in a Spanish word you know it is going to be articulated. But like Dan and Diana, I wonder why some romantic and other languages developed phonetically, while others did not develop that way?

    images sweet sounding languages

    images sweet sounding languages
    Sweet sounding languages
    Hands down, Polish! The wide spread of the language has created many beautiful Spanish dialects and accents, and with so many to choose from, you're guaranteed to find one that sounds beautiful to you.

    It's not always beautiful but I like it in some way. June 27, Polish, it feel like a cross between Russian and French to me. March 11,

    As one of the world's most widely spoken languages, Spanish tops off our Combine the sound of the Portuguese language with the tropical.

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    What makes a language sweet sounding? Chuvash: most distant of Turkish languages that is closest to Finno-Ugric, descendants of.

    It's a really strange situation when dialects sound more beautiful and poetic -I find Brazilian Portuguese very nice,sweet,smooth and sensual.
    For me, it is currently German apart from English and Spanish.

    May 22, I am saying italian even though I know it since birth. Russian and Japanese sounds like everyone is upset or highly emotional, for a better description, to me. I live in Ukraine and it sounds very soft and melodic, but a bit 'rural' for a native Russian speaker, such as me.

    images sweet sounding languages
    Sweet sounding languages
    As a descendent of Latin, Spanish also builds upon a long heritage of music, poetry, art and culture that contribute to its overall romantic reputation.

    The Canadian accent is very ugly and unsightly. It is a fascinating language to me. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

    August 16, Its uniqueness in sound and vocabulary make it my personal favorite by far.

    If you swoon over sweet nothings whispered in French, Italian or There are, however, specific sounds in many foreign languages that a native.

    My ballet teacher is from Italy but can speak six different languages fluently. It's almost musical when he speaks his birth language or French. Coincidentally both pretty sweet biblical monsters. permalink; embed; save; give award. [–]Oh_Sullivan points points points 6 years.
    Italian Japanese probably Farsi. Twitter :.

    There is also the Argentine version, which to me also looks more beautiful and attractive than Castilian. June 27, I thought I was insane for thinking Japanese was a romantic and beautiful language!

    Forum Comments To your ears, what are the nicest sounding languages Duolingo

    It's funny that when I spoke no Portuguese and I heard something in European Portuguese, it sounded like Russian to me. Remember Me.

    images sweet sounding languages
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    September 2, Whenever I hear it, I can actually understand a good portion as long as it's Spongebob in Hebrew.

    I love Mongolian. When I listen to a short text sentencesI can't get enough of it.

    Otherwise I really hate : -German,too agressive and cold to me. But like Dan and Diana, I wonder why some romantic and other languages developed phonetically, while others did not develop that way?

    I watched a video that showed what English would sound like if it went back to its more Germanic roots and dropped the Romance language vocabulary.

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    1. On the other side,Gotta admit that the Yemeni Arabic is awful I think that all of the other Romance languages are extremely overrated when it comes to their beauty.