Springfield 45-70 trapdoor ammo

images springfield 45-70 trapdoor ammo

The British responded by adopting better barrel steels then in development, re-engineering Cordite to lower the amount of nitroglycerin in the formulation to give lower chamber temperatures on firing, and dropping the Metford rifling for traditional deep cut rifling, thus giving us the Lee-Enfield rifle. That Lee bullet was designed for TD's. Find More Posts by mete. H, only of those powders. Visit mikejonestkd's homepage! Find More Posts by kw. Why take a risk? Quote: Originally Posted by 44 AMP There are people who believe it is wrong to run anything but black powder in these old guns.

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  • 45/70 Government, Trapdoor Springfield 45/70 safe for use in trapdoor springfield rifles low pressure low velocity light recoil centerfire rifle new brass.

    The rifle cartridge, also known as Government, was developed by the U.S. Army for use in the Springfield Modelknown as the “Trapdoor.

    images springfield 45-70 trapdoor ammo

    Buffalo Bore Ammunition Government Grain Hard Cast Lead Long. this really works great i got it to be used with my Springfield trapdoor US.
    Early British Cordite burned insanely hot because it had an extremely high level of nitroglycerine, and within a few thousand rounds the throats and rifling in those soft steel Lee Metfords were being destroyed. June 5,AM. At the time much was in the press about about cast Ballard actions and how to identify.

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    For those of us who are fond of horses, this is hard to swallow, but it was obviously a necessary battle tactic. Usually, the poster child for weak actions are TD's.

    images springfield 45-70 trapdoor ammo
    Springfield 45-70 trapdoor ammo
    I made a front sight or two also for some, as they are easy to replace and make the shoot to the height you want without really altering anything permanently.

    images springfield 45-70 trapdoor ammo

    Find More Posts by ligonierbill. I plan on loading two different bullets- gr RN hardcast and 45 gr BN 10 bullets. This information has come from enough credible sources that it has never been questioned, but I have never owned or fired a rifle or carbine with a good enough bore to duplicate this. I have H,and Varget to use for mild loads for this trapdoor.

    But, a few years later Cordite was ready for prime time and black powder was dropped.

    A friend of mine has a Trapdoor Springfield in he inherited.

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    The rifle is at a gunsmith getting a new mainspring and generally getting. Pete Rogers profiles the US Springfield /70 Trapdoor Rifle and Prior to the Little Big Horn incident, the US Springfield ammunition. Hello all, I own a Springfield Trap Door, but haven't shot it in many Winchester Super-X Cowboy Action Ammo Government
    I you are dead set on smokeless: For smokeless consider Whitetail Deer photo by Ron Spomer.

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    Looking through ammo and found a box of Hornady. CUP and psi are the same for the.

    An interesting feature is that the elevation slide groove is canted slightly to the left; it leans increasingly to the left the higher the sight is raised.

    Federal and Winchester offer loads containing grain jacketed bullets at something around 1, fps, while Remington offers a similar load and a grain softpoint at 1, fps. The recoil of the.

    images springfield 45-70 trapdoor ammo
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    Come right in!

    A few days later, another calm morning, a shot group was fired just as the sun was beginning to peek over the horizon.

    Trapdoor Springfield with modern ammo The Firing Line Forums

    That worked just fine. In fact, following the above experiments, battles followed wherein soldiers fired a volley of shots at extreme distances with their Springfield rifles and successfully kept enemies at bay.

    images springfield 45-70 trapdoor ammo

    For those of us who are fond of horses, this is hard to swallow, but it was obviously a necessary battle tactic. When the front sight blade is centered perfectly in the peep hole, the top of the base can be seen, which slightly distorts the round hole sight picture.

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    1. In May after having considerable battle experience with this rifle and cartridge, the military conducted some interesting tests that began at Springfield Armory. I've played with a few TD's over the years using Remington factory and all kinds of different handloads.