Softdent training tutorials

images softdent training tutorials

Comments and Suggestions. We think Curve Dental is pretty easy to use, too. We'also taken note of your other comments and will contact you if we need clarification and input. We have discussed ways to improve the organization of scanned documents and will make a change. Once proper training is completed our customers see the advantages of invoice accounting as it presents a more logical grouping of billing information. View web version. This program is easy to use and reasonably priced. Back To Top Do you provide training for your software? Although our software is extremely stable, technical support is an invaluable service that you will quickly come to appreciate.

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  • From online webinars to in-person learning sessions held at your practice, we provide customized solutions for Carestream Dental users across the globe. The Carestream Dental Institute is the resource for all of your training needs. Access a full catalog of learning modules and.

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    Sep 9, This workbook is designed for SoftDent software users and trainers and provides instruction on the basic features and functions of the software. Use this workbook to become acquainted with the CS SoftDent practice management software before you are trained, to help while you are.

    CS SoftDent Software. Get back to your patients with CS SoftDent—the practice management software designed to help even the busiest dental practitioners work more efficiently. From electronic prescriptions to quick access to contact information, the software features a full suite.
    The information is fully secure as Curve Dental manages all backup and security at their end, ensuring that practices do not have to worry about upgrades or server maintenance.

    images softdent training tutorials

    Quick meds is a huge issue for us. Curve can be viewed online so you can see patient information right at home where you need to see it during emergency patient calls or to make sure you can see schedule changes as they occur. Thanks, Jeff, for the review, comments and suggestions.

    Tracey from Brookfield Dentistry.

    Kodak softdent training manual

    images softdent training tutorials
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    With all the data at your fingertips in real time, that's gotta be helpful for a team member in your position.

    It is fairly easy to train new employees and have confidence that they will easily navigate their way through the program.

    images softdent training tutorials

    Cons Insurance profile is too limiting as well as the word processing options in Curve. Pros The flexibility it offers to the providers! I asked for a special custom report to be made for my uses with NP's, referral sources, production from referral It has opened opportunities for me as a dentist that I didn't know were possible.

    Viva Learning DEXIS Digital Xray System

    Also note that measurements is one of our current projects.

    Sep 9, This beginning level workbook is designed for SoftDent software users and trainers and provides instruction on the basic features and functions.

    Click the to activate the links. (Must be logged in.) You can access this training again from here or from your My Assignments.

    images softdent training tutorials

    Note: Live Online Charting training. CS SoftDent Charting Training Workbook - This beginning level workbook is designed for SoftDent software users and trainers and provides instruction on the .
    Currently, our uptime performance is In the interest of providing one more deterrent to fraud, we strongly believe that cancelled claims should be a permanent record in the patient's account.

    Navigating through the program is manageable for even the least computer-savvy person.

    Eaglesoft Dental Software Tutorials sevencity

    Thank you, Marilyn, for your feedback. If it's not yet available from them, they report that it is something they're thinking about.

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    images softdent training tutorials
    The next thing we knew we had a meeting set up with the executive leadership of the company.

    Frequently Asked Questions MedicTalk DentForms Software, Inc.

    Successfully reported this slideshow. Doc Retrieval. Curve Dental's patient portal provides patients with access to account information, future appointments, and more. The ability to print one visit of a treatment plan does not exist.

    To protect this information, a unique e-mail address is required to access the data.

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