Posi seal a41 manual

images posi seal a41 manual

Figure Ref er to the Actuator Mountin g section and figur e 7. Installation section and in figures 6 a nd 7. With the dia phragm or pi ston actu ators, th e valve. Installing PTFE seal rings:. Use pressure -relieving devi ces as required by gove rnment or accepted ind ustry codes. The remaining single flange valve size s NPS 6 through 12 and all wafer style valves NPS 2 through 12 us e the standard. Packing Syst ems for Rotary Valv es f or more. Installing the retainer ring:. Avoid personal injury or property dam age from sudden release of process pressure or bursting of parts.

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  • reverse.

    images posi seal a41 manual

    J NOVEX Seal: Unidirectional shutoff is MSS The pressure/ temperature limits in this manual and any applicable standard or code limitation for valve should not be exceeded. 2. between the positions on the disc face as shown in.

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    The Fisher A41 valve (figure 1) features an eccentrically mounted Phoenix III metal seals are available for demanding applications requiring and manual actuators to form a reliable. action, styles, positions and flow direction. Valves. Emerson Emerson-Fisher-Posi-Seal-AInstruction-Manual emerson- fisher-posi-seal-ainstruction-manual emerson pdf.
    Standard graphi te packing is composed of all conducti ve graphite ri bbon packing rings.

    images posi seal a41 manual

    Clean the packin g boxes and m etal packin g box parts. Make sure that the ta per pins and hollow pins are free o f particulate matter b efore continu ing. The holes are not nec essary for press-fit retainer rings. Lay the retainer r ing over the gasket, whil e lining it up with the punche d holes. Packing Arrange ments.

    Emerson Fisher Posi Seal A41 Data Sheet DX_Jan13

    This opti onal PTFE o r graphite packing system.

    images posi seal a41 manual
    This al lows the drive shaft key 8 to turn wit hout the fricti on. To avoid persona l.

    S c r a p eo f ft h eo l dg a s k e t sf rom both sides of the seal ring and the s eal ring sides of the valve body key 1.

    Maximum Pressur e Drops 1. Figure P osition t he disc as stat ed above and sl ide the shaft through the disc and outer bearing.

    bidirectionalsealperMSSSPForoptionalPhoenix. III Fire-Tested seal, consult your Emerson Process. Management sales office. variety of power and manual actuators to form a reliable.

    A January 5.

    Emerson Fisher Posi Seal A41 Instruction Manual

    Figure 2. Available Seal Configurations. NOVEX METAL SEAL. PHOENIX. POSI-SEAL® Type A41 High-Performance Butterfly Valve. POSI-SEAL®. Type A41 Smooth operation — Three carbon-filled PTFE guide bands provide a low .
    Eme rson. Remove the seal ring accor ding to steps 1 through 5 of t he Replacing Seal Ring sect ion. See Bull etin Be certain t he taper pin hol es in the di sc are on the ac tuator si de of the valve.

    Work the s pring int o the recess. NOVEX seal rings require mou nting in the reverse flow. Remove the actuator, using the step s provi ded in the pac king mainten ance procedures above, and r emove the seal.

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    images posi seal a41 manual
    Posi seal a41 manual
    Process fluids may spray out under pressure when removi ng the packing hardware or packing ring s, or when.

    Unscr ew and remove the packing flange nuts key 12packing followers keys 15 and 16and packi ng flanges. Part key numbers ar e shown in f igure Rot ate the disc to the c losed pos ition. PTFE Standard - 46 to - 50 to For component selection and applicable fire - tested standards and codes, consult your Emerson Proces s Management sales office.

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