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When it became clear that Skye would continue to refuse to answer when Ward asked her to unlock the hard-drive as she was still furious about his betrayal, Deathlok reentered the room, with Ward believing that he would torture Skye to get the information. Deathlok appeared later as a guest speaker for one of Jean Grey School for Higher Learning's classes. List was informed of the location of a group of powered individuals, and before they went to meet Wolfgang von StruckerList sent Sunil BakshiDeathlok and a team of HYDRA soldiers to capture the individuals as they had discovered the signal of a teleporter they had been tracking. He is shot in the head with an I. Nick Fury: Agent of S. Blue Marvel. And training to be an agent, working with S. Stan Lee Jack Kirby.

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  • Michael "Mike" Peterson is a cyborg and former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was just his son's interest Peterson asked Ace which toy out of the selection of Iron Man.

    images michael peterson marvel wiki iron

    Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division members (Earth), Hydra members (Earth), Project Centipede members (Earth), Born on 28 August ,[1] Mike Peterson was a factory worker who after suffering an injury decided to join Project. Michael "Mike" Peterson is a cyborg S.H.I.E.L.D.

    agent. an unknown apartment looking into the mirror realizing that part of his skull is now made of metal also.
    Peterson desperately gets Ace away to safety. All I see are pictures of him in a cell.

    images michael peterson marvel wiki iron

    Despite Skye noting that Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons could help him, Deathlok insisted there was no way out for him, despite Skye noting that he could have killed her in Italy when Ian Quinn ordered him to.

    Hearing the phone ringing inside of a storage container, Peterson and Coulson were then ambushed by the team of Centipede Soldiersalthough Peterson was able to defend Coulson using his incredible strength as Hayward attempted to throw the storage container at them.

    George W.

    images michael peterson marvel wiki iron
    This second Deathlok went on to a issue series cover-dated July to Aprilplus two summer annuals in and Deathlok fights the Fear Dimension 's illusions.

    Believing List's knowledge of powered people could help them find a teleporter who had taken Skyethey agreed to find and recruit Grant Ward. In Ultimate Spider-Man 70 Feb.

    Deathlok closely watches over John Garrett.

    As an act of gratitude, Collins arranged Gravity's funeral. Deathlok the Demolisher.

    Successful transformation of Michael Peterson into Deathlok Garrett's organs started to fail and the only thing keeping him alive were the bio-mechanical parts. Deathlok is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel A new Deathlok, Michael Collins, debuted in the limited series Deathlok # (July-Oct. of the Marvel Cinematic Universe portrayal of Deathlok, Mike Petersen.

    He wears a woven metal-mesh body suit of considerable durability. Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki Guide Michael Peterson / Deathlok Michael Peterson is an ordinary man until he met Raina who let him.
    Cyborg and Deathlok. Some time later, Peterson had decided to join S. Mar-Vell Captain Marvel.

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    However, instead of getting the answers that they needed, Peterson and Coulson simply witnessed Hayward being killed when his false eye exploded, despite Hayward desperately pleading with his controller to show some mercy. Following these orders, Peterson stormed into the safehouse where the two agents had immediately defended themselves, while Deathlok and was able to absorb the power of two shots from a Taser Projectile Launcherdespite being knocked to the ground.

    Make him super.

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    Directors George W.

    images michael peterson marvel wiki iron
    Michael peterson marvel wiki iron
    However, Peterson was unable to arrive before Coulson and his ally, Lance Hunterwere soon captured by Gonzales' men. During List and Bakshi's conversation, Peterson quietly listened while his eye-piece allowed Coulson and the team to watch closely.

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    His body can also target nearly infallibly multiple objects and track them. Once Peterson he had killed all of the Cybertek representatives as he had been ordered to do, proving that their newest combination of the old Centipede Serum combined with the cybernetic enhancements had made him into the ultimate weapon, he was then given his new orders on his Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant in which he was then ordered to exit the scene without engaging the arriving S.

    John Garrett boasted about their success to Grant Wardcongratulating Deathlok for the mission which was now being broadcast across the world. He trained with other cadets, as his superior strength gave him a massive advantage.

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