Humac norm cybex fitness

images humac norm cybex fitness

Continuation of configuration of the Quantum attached to Model A leg extension. This was confirmed by our follow-up, showing a differently designed leg extension model altered this relationship. Hopkins WG. All subjects provided written informed consent prior to study participation, and the rights of the subjects were protected throughout the study in accordance with the ethical guidelines of the University of Guelph Research Ethics Board, who approved the protocol REB 16MY All of the Norms key functions can be seen in the videos on this site. Psychol Assess. Dragan Mirkov, Editor. When to use agreement versus reliability measures.

  • Testing a novel isokinetic dynamometer constructed using a Quantum
  • Cybex Humac Norm
  • CSMI or Cybex Norm Isokinetic Machine Tutorial Site
  • HUMAC NORM CSMi Solutions

  • CSMi offers the HUMAC NORM Extremity System, the HUMAC/CYBEX Upgrade, Developed for the Exercise Science Lab and perfected in the Physical. The Humac Norm is the latest product from CSMI in the isokinetic range.

    Testing a novel isokinetic dynamometer constructed using a Quantum

    . Choosing to focus business operations in the fitness industry, Cybex sold its line of. Cybex Humac Norm. Description; Specifications; Ask a Question. Unparalleled Mechanical, Dynamometer, and Software Design. Developed for the Exercise.
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    Cybex Humac Norm

    Discussion To our knowledge, this was the first study to assess intrarater reliability for knee and shoulder tests performed on two different Humac NORM isokinetic dynamometers. The purchase includes all designs, patents, inventory, and tooling for the continued production and support of the NORM system.

    Data Availability All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files. Bas Habets1, 2, 3 J.

    CSMI or Cybex Norm Isokinetic Machine Tutorial Site

    images humac norm cybex fitness
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    The Quantum was operated with 5 kg for female subjects and 8 kg for male subjects added to the concentric and eccentric load.

    Adding extra trial repetitions could have resulted in less variation in the values during the actual test [ 18 ], and would possibly have decreased the differences between the eccentric tests and re-tests.

    images humac norm cybex fitness

    CSMI re-designed the actuator incorporating a strain gauge torque sensor and optical encoder position sensor. A minute rest period was given following completion of 15 repetitions on the first leg before testing the second leg.

    It is apparent that the agreement between Model A and the Humac Norm is strong, as the differences in individual power outputs are clustered around the mean and close to zero.

    This means all previous versions of the Cybex isokinetics systems can now be fully upgraded to modern computers and software. Intramachine reproducibility values for concentric and eccentric knee tests.

    For familiarization with the Humac NORM and the test procedure, participants.

    the knee extensors and flexors obtained with a Cybex NORM dynamometer [19].

    images humac norm cybex fitness

    . Open chain isokinetic assessment and exercise of the knee. It was hypothesized that irrespective of the exercise equipment used. A single test was performed on the Humac Norm, while test-retest.

    In comparison, the gold standard dynamometers, the Humac Norm and the Cybex II. New HUMAC NORM Testing & Rehabilitation System. CSMi is now able to offer in one machine the industry leading HUMAC Software.
    Isokinetic exercise and assessment: leeds. J Clin Epidemiol. Model B 2.

    HUMAC NORM CSMi Solutions

    Different cam structures can result in dissimilar peak and mean power between machines depending on where the cam applies resistance and assistance [ 24 ] and, thus, may also alter fatigue index. Assessing reliability and precision of measurement: an introduction to intraclass correlation and standard error of measurement.

    images humac norm cybex fitness
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    A minute rest period was given following completion of 15 repetitions on the first leg before testing the second leg.

    A new digital servo amplifier is released increasing data samples from to samples per second available for the system and for external acquirement through a dedicated board. The test-retest reliability when using a single device was high, indicating potential for use in a variety of applications such as, monitoring return-to-play, rehabilitation and research.

    Finally, the participant was secured with a E. The knee joint was aligned with the axis of rotation to the mechanical dynamometer.

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