Guillaume moquin interview

images guillaume moquin interview

Due to the unprecedented ozone loss recorded in the Arctic in [ 7 ], it is of critical importance to understand the extent of damage caused by natural UV exposure in Arctic species, particularly those of economic or cultural significance such as walruses [ 4 ]. Data Availability The qualitative data gathered for this project was done so with indigenous participants who gave consent to share the data with the research team in its raw form only. Int J Circumpolar Health. Anat Rec. As such any request for permission to access the raw data from the qualitative components of the study must be submitted to the Trent University REB and the lead researcher. When over-exposed to UV, humans and laboratory animals develop erythema, corresponding to the redness of the superficial skin resulting from dermal vasodilatation [ 2223 ]. Although walruses may be getting burned under normal everyday UV exposure, the long-term data from local hunters and Elders did not show a decrease in the condition of the skin of the Atlantic walruses that could have been linked with the increased sun radiation secondary to ozone loss. The five walruses sampled in the study were hunted in the red area around Quaqtaq latitude between

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  • Full results: 1. Ivan Rivado— euros 2. Alain Goikoetxea— euro 3. Andy Scott— euro 4. Anders Tellen— euro 5. Guillaume Moquin— euro. 3. Ivan Rivado – Euros 4. Andi Scott – Euros (uk) 5. Guillaume Moquin – Euros 6.

    Greg Nowick (uk) 7. Rob Smith (uk) 8. Ferit Batir. Guillaume Moquin – Euros 6. Greg Nowick (uk) 7.

    images guillaume moquin interview

    Rob Smith (uk) 8. Phil Evans – The Scrum Tilly Lush interview. February 4th, by Crossfire.
    In general, participants agreed that the intensity of the sun had increased in their region.

    Lawrence Island, Alaska. Ultraviolet radiation-induced erythema in human skin. For example, hunters have noticed a change in the texture of the dorsal skin of caribou, specifically around the neck [ 36 ].

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    Although local ecological knowledge and understanding of the environment by Indigenous peoples is often referred to in the literature as traditional ecological knowledge, or TEK [ 27 — 2939 ], we concur with previous authors [ 40 — 42 ] that TEK may not be the most appropriate to describe the information presented in studies that report solely contemporary observational data of participants acquired over a lifetime rather than knowledge and understanding transmitted over generations.

    From the interviews, it was difficult to know whether the lesions reported by participants were the same as those observed during the Unknown Mortality Event UME that occurred in in Alaska [ 47 ].

    images guillaume moquin interview
    Guillaume moquin interview
    Thus, we could not confirm whether these observations were simply a description of the annual seal molting process.

    Although concerns about the effects of UV on Arctic wildlife are increasing, published papers remain scarce but see [ 57 ], for a review of the potential effects of UV on Arctic freshwater and anadromous fisheries. Performed the experiments: LMML. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

    Walrus skin pigmentation.

    Andy Hillhouse, Yves Lambert, Guillaume Coulombe, Mélisande, Alex de of Kern, Élisabeth Moquin, Isaac Beaudet, Jean Desrochers, April Verch, the francophone interviews that were part of this podcasting adventure.

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    ACCME accredited institution has been submitted and an interview with the ACCME was held in March. . Matthew J. Geck, MD; Anthony S. Rinella, MD; Ross R. Moquin, MD; Behrooz Akbarnia, MD; Munish C. .

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    Tenner J. Guillaume, MD. Moquin for statistical assistance; and T. Bennington, J.

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    Ciolfi, K. Gehringer, N. Glickman, L.

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    Grant, and H. Kobluk for.

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    Many studies derived from hunter and angler interviews and surveys take a multiple satisfactions Guillaume Duchenne.
    While similar cellular lesions were negatively correlated to levels of pigmentation in whales, providing further evidence of their sunburn characteristics [ 1516 ], in the current study such a relation could not be tested for due to the low number of samples.

    Photochem Photobiol Sci. Well, eventually the line-up did get a wee bit shaken up regardless but globally, those sessions still turned out to be a success all around! Finally, the Bigger Spin is back!

    Two animals were sampled by LML and three by local collaborators. Seidman I.

    images guillaume moquin interview

    Fig 4.

    images guillaume moquin interview
    At the microscopic scale, we detected a range of skin abnormalities consistent with UV damage. Received Aug 12; Accepted Mar 9. Due to the unprecedented ozone loss recorded in the Arctic in [ 7 ], it is of critical importance to understand the extent of damage caused by natural UV exposure in Arctic species, particularly those of economic or cultural significance such as walruses [ 4 ].

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    In this study, we combined the results of histological analyses of skin sections from five Atlantic walruses, Odobenus rosmarus rosmaruscollected in Nunavik Northern Quebec, Canada with qualitative data obtained through the interviews of 33 local walrus hunters and Inuit Elders. De Fabo EC. Goertz C.

    images guillaume moquin interview

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    1. An underappreciated threat may be the large amount of solar ultraviolet radiation UV that continues to reach the Arctic as a result of ozone loss.

    2. Elders older than 75 years of age shared knowledge and observations that extended back to the s, and thus represented eight decades of experience and observations. Elsevier Ltd ; ; : —

    3. To increase our understanding of the effects of UV on Atlantic walruses, we used a mixed methods design in which both quantitative and qualitative methods were used [ 34 ]. Furthermore, detailed ecological information of local environments has been reported to be held by other non-Indigenous groups elsewhere around the world [ 43 — 45 ].

    4. For these reasons, skin lesions not resulting from fights or skin diseases might be under-diagnosed.