Granblue deck cocytus definition

images granblue deck cocytus definition

Vanguards are too powerful for losing rearguards to truly matter, in the long run. You can even combo her with Rough Seas Banshee and get the total of 15k power, and then later put Banshee into your soul to draw 1 card. Hey guys! I kinda just want it to be less super meta so that people don't get mad so much tbh, I just like playing with satan :. Then there's the card that enables this deck to be its most consistent. The more representation we have of the four base archetypes aggro, Mid, Control, combothe healthier the ladder experience. Board fill connected with ward: Poseidon and pal - Checked. Here is the deck list:. Satan cards have the same power as a masamune combo. There is a reason why Servant of Disdain is tricky to abuse just to draw 2 cards in one turn, VVD is a straight up abusable stop-gap for ramping.

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  • Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus氷ひょう 獄ごく の死し 霊りょう 術じゅつ 師し Vanguard Wiki. Clan, Granblue [ACT](VC)1/Turn:COST [Counter Blast (1) & put four cards from the top of your deck into your drop zone], and call up to the.

    Talking about meta and Granblue seems to be a bit off the hook. I usually ride Cocytus when my deck is on low count (< 25 cards) or I have. Of the deck variants available to Granblue, Cocytus focuses calling Mechanically, the means of calling units from the drop zone focuses on.
    Puppet can kill 1 defense enemies, while some followers like Lishena are immune to bane and need to be killed by damage. In testing, I'm not so sure this is optimal.

    It will ultimately come down to how your deck looks when it's actually finished. But I wouldn't advise trying for it. So you ask again, why Granblue? Shadowverse submitted 6 months ago by Xendarel.

    Turbo Cocytus fundamental problem with Masamune Shadowverse

    images granblue deck cocytus definition
    Good against sword and good against portal. Masamune is not a problem.

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    Basically had a full hand and cleared board with one card. Basskirk's Megablast is the most popular thing on the last season, and it is strongly advised that you DO NOT use it in current meta. Leonheart wrote: Yeah, can't argue with your argument about Nightmist, as most pros seems to think it's useless.

    It might provide the community some insight as to what makes it effective against Dragon right now.

    Notice "budget", meaning no ruin shade or gust jinn (ik, hard D:) I came up with 2 possible deck lists: 1.

    images granblue deck cocytus definition

    Regular Cocytus build. Really common. I've been messing around with basskirk granblue for months and don't have much. If you're focusing on Cocytus as your main VG, you'll want to play the deck.

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    12 crits is not defined as better nor worse than having draws, and is personal. Cocytus (Filler); Summon s jpg Ebisu (Filler; note double attack penalty before 3☆); Summon s jpg Justice (SR) (Arcarum); Summon s.
    The deck can create advantage, but that doesn't mean you want to throw it away. Great card draw: Vile Violet Dragon - Checked. You desperately need to hit a Sea Strolling Banshee for the Cocytus turn to go off without a hitch, and Nightmare being run over copies of her could ruin that.

    Cocytus Negative Deck Cardfight Lab Tech

    Not Prince. Just played a game where the dragon player only had 3 cards in his hand on turn 5 he has 7 pp.

    images granblue deck cocytus definition

    images granblue deck cocytus definition
    Edit: mb I understand the point now.

    Consider pre-evolving it at turn 5 if necessary. Storm finishers That should be slotted to the deck first Radiant or are strictly limited to T10 under a very specific condition Safira needs you to destroy so many Artifact to count, and Noah needs 4 Puppets to do the job. Well said. But then there's more - with the extra 0 damage clause you get to keep whatever you play so not only do you perform a one-sided board-wipe, but you also get to quite freely as opposed to board-wipe "sticks" ala Frenzied Drake develop your own board at the same time?!

    If you do, choose a «Granblue» from your drop zone, and call it to (RC).

    meaning 21K Rear-Guard lines and when Limit Break is active, utility that Cocytus can offer and allow for the rest of the deck is absolutely nothing to. [CFV] Cocytus "Яeverse" and Granblue post-BT17 Granblue - posted in Other Which means you can thin the deck by 12 mills and 4 draws. Dragon right now is the very definition of a "do everything" class: Heal Haven't dedicated Cocytus decks actually cut Masamune because of.
    Did you seriously forgot that this card exist and still get to screw around Lishenna?

    Deck Help Granblue deck

    Keep them in your trade binder so they look neat-o; they're not that great in this particular build. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Consequently, it gives them that opening to drop a supposedly play-and-do-nothing card. Marwynn ramp : I really don't think there's a point nerfing Cocytus just because Dragon abuses him so well. Board Privacy Policy Help. It's insane to play multiple pot of greeds in one turn with its cost.

    images granblue deck cocytus definition
    Granblue deck cocytus definition
    She's more payoff in the long run, though, and should be run atprobably leaning towards 4.

    That means even when boosted by a 7k G1, they can attack for 20k! Hope this helps, and good luck, mateys. And how the hell does he has lower cost, better stats and better Cotycus deck than original Satan? What needs to go, however, is the 2 PP accelerate which makes ramp dragon decks more consistent than they deserve to be.

    Just be glad that Portal doesn't have mass-banishing card

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    1. Masamune isn't even a problem at the moment, without card draw, masamune was very dependant on having cards in your hand to play that comboed with it.