Can male fighting fish lay eggs

images can male fighting fish lay eggs

Before mating its very slightly aggressive, before he wraps her up. My betta fish haves eggs and now are in stage white color ,should i took out the betta fish and let the eggs alone? IFGviews. Watch Queue Queue. I bought 2 female bettas and I put one in a container beside the male I already had. Rattlesnake live feeding clips! The Betta fish get eggs laid. I would only do this if you have experience. Well you should know when is coaxing her when you see him flaring his fins and chasing her around the tank.

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  • Once made, male betta fish will often stay under the nest as they wait for a female to mate with.

    After eggs are laid, male betta fish will place the eggs into the. Male collecting the eggs to put in the bubble nest When the female has finished laying eggs, the male will release milt into the. Aside from releasing the eggs, the female betta fish do not play any role in raising or protecting.

    images can male fighting fish lay eggs

    I thought he'd build a bubble nest long before they are laid?!.
    Leeannalove 1, views. I seperated both of them and the male calm down in a few minutes but I had to take the female out and put her in another tank before she would calm down.

    Male Betta Fish

    If you do see a nest in the tank it is a very good sign that your betta fish is happy and healthy. BettaInfo October 4, Everything was fine. Different fish food may be needed.

    images can male fighting fish lay eggs
    Franks bettasviews. BettaInfo October 11, Will he keep building it or will it affect him in any way?

    I have 2 bettas 1 female and 1 male I put them both together and both flared their gills but did not make any threating moves. My betta managed to make a bubble nest within the first day of me purchasing him. How likely is this to happen the day after you introduced him into his new home?

    Aya July 13,

    Have you ever observed clusters of bubbles on your water's surface in your betta fish tank?

    images can male fighting fish lay eggs

    These are called bubble nests and they are a. You are probably just thinking of what is known as bubble nests to be eggs.

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    Do a bit of research on betta bubble nests and you will learn how they work. A group of female Betta fish can share one aquarium, but males need the female in with the male, who will squeeze her to release the eggs.
    Should I be worried?

    Check out Youtube, there are plenty of step by step videos out there. Loading more suggestions Choose your language. Add to.

    images can male fighting fish lay eggs
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    No longer coming to stare at me when I approach, and not eating like he did before.

    I just got my beta fish three days ago it has already started a nest. Leeannalove 1, views. Published on May 3,

    But he is still acting shady. Betta fish are territorial and like their own space so dont worry too much about that. Rendy October 4, I cleaned his tank 6 days after and he was in the process of making a new one.

    Leeannalove 1, views.

    images can male fighting fish lay eggs
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    Sounds like he got stressed when he could see the other male and felt threatened.

    Betta Fish Bubble Nests everything you need to know

    Enthusiast can be inspired to turn their hobbies into lucrative businesses. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Betta smaragdina natural habitat! BettaInfo July 13,

    images can male fighting fish lay eggs

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