Betula lenta twig

images betula lenta twig

Marsh and Farnam Gardens. Macomb County. Betula alleghaniensis Britton. Northern Research Station. The hard, heavy lumber and veneer of bark is used commercially furniture, cabinets, boxes, woodenware, handles.

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  • Yellow Birch, Betula alleghaniensis Britton.
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  • Betula lenta is a species of birch native to eastern North America, from southern Maine west to The twigs, when scraped, have a strong scent of wintergreen due to methyl salicylate, which is produced in the bark. The leaves are alternate. Flower: Species is monoecious; preformed, green male catkins near the end of the twig, 3/4 to 1 inch long; females are upright, 1/2 to 3/4 inch long, green tinged.

    betula lenta twig extract extract obtained from the twigs of the sweet birch, betula lenta l., betulaceae.

    images betula lenta twig

    Sponsors. Name: betula lenta l. twig extract. CAS Number.
    Saginaw County. The wood of the Yellow Birch is inferior in quality and in appearance to that of the Black Birch [ B.

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    It is strong and close-grained, polishes well, and is of special importance in furniture and veneers. Garden Curator Susan Wilkins added additional plants in Betula subg.

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    Jackson County.

    images betula lenta twig
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    The bark of young trees is reddish brown to black with lighter colored lenticels.

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    images betula lenta twig

    Kalamazoo County. Delta County.

    Yellow Birch, Betula alleghaniensis Britton.

    The twigs, when scraped, have a strong scent of wintergreen due to methyl salicylatewhich is produced in the bark. Above: 1st photo - A fairly mature tree.

    Sweet birch (Betula lenta), also commonly referred to as black birch or cherry birch, was Its specific name, lenta, is derived from the tough yet flexible twigs that. Betula lenta L. Plant Family Twigs and foliage have the odor of wintergreen when crushed. The sap is The genus, Betula, is the Latin word for the birch tree.

    Scratch a young twig, and smell the wintergreen fragrance characteristic of this species (and its cousin, black birch, Betula lenta). Once one of the largest trees in .
    Prior to the introduction of synthetics, Oil of Wintergreen or Birch Oil, was once extracted in great quantities. Black birch is a native species to the Appalachian region of the United States. Namespaces Article Talk.

    images betula lenta twig

    Betula nigrariver birch, lacks the wintergreen flavor and has leaves pale beneath with margins both toothed and undulate or shallowly lobed; the fruit ripens in late spring or early summer, with wings narrower than the body; the bark is pinkish, curly and tattered-looking, and the number of leaf veins is less than in B. Unlike most other birches, mature Betula lenta can develop hard, scaly plates.

    Black birch leaves densely cover the twigs and branches of the canopy in the late spring to early fall.

    images betula lenta twig
    Betula nigra grows in wet places and is known in northwestern Indiana; it should be sought in southern Michigan, where it is sometimes planted but seems never to spread.

    Betula alleghaniensis Michigan Flora

    Above: 1st photo - A fairly mature tree. Wayne County. Views Read Edit View history. The leaves of this species serve as food for some caterpillars see List of Lepidoptera that feed on birches and the solitary leaf-cutter bee Megachile rubi cuts pieces from the leaves to line the cells of its nest. Ingham County. Benzie County.

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    1. Due to the cracking and developing of bark plates, a rough age estimate of B. It is valued for its wood, which when exposed to air darkens to resemble mahogany, as well as being a source of wintergreen oil.

    2. Removed from its industrial history, it is now primarily found in forests and used as an ornamental tree in landscaping. The black birch is monoecious with male and female catkin flowers.