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Even through the current economic gloom, you can still peek behind the hoardings to see the investment that is taking place in certain corners of the training industry, and get a good idea what is likely to be revealed in the near future. How many hours a year can a First Officer expect to fly? Given that BA's short-haul fleet is almost exclusively based on Afamily aircraft, having flight time on the European narrowbody is obviously an advantage. France eyes Chinook helicopter acquisition 15 Jul No interviews since completion due to 1 hour on type. I don't believe the major Middle eastern carriers charge you either.

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  • BAA Training is one of the TOP 3 biggest independent aviation training centres in Europe building your professional future globally. The British Airways Cadet Programme is the launchpad for an exciting career in on a modern flight simulator and finally, a type rating at our approved supplier.

    Would you pay for a type rating PPRuNe Forums

    Our Flight Technical Training can be customised to meet your needs, whether you require initial type-ratings, conversions from other aircraft types, differences.
    This will be assessed when the trainee pilots finally gain their type rating, most likely for Airbus Afamily aircraft, and adopt BA's standard operating procedures SOP at its Cranebank simulator centre at Heathrow.

    Brilliant points being made all round; it's very true that whilst there is demand, there will be supply.

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    Because cadets are willing to pay that much. Friend of mine bought a TR through a man who advertises on this website!

    Recruitment focus British Airways Pilot Career News

    High-quality flying skills are crucial but not the lone criteria.

    images ba type rating
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    So we'll class that as not paying for the benefit of this debate.

    However, airline internal guidelines may vary. Hold a valid passport which permits unrestricted worldwide travel.

    Graduate of our rigorous Cadet Programme People Stories.

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    Over the last 10 years the average time to achieving a Command has been approximately 11 years. Of course both are major TRTO's in their own right, and both have reputations for a strong employment ethic.

    (Neither is paying cost-price for the type rating!).

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    being for hour wannabes, it's not really true to say that BA or Monarch are on the radar is. The British Airways Cadet Programme is an outstanding opportunity to launch your A Multi-crew Pilot License or ATPL License with an A Type Rating.

    British Airways has opened its cadet programme for flight simulator and finally a type rating at the British Airways approved supplier.
    Trump blames Turkey-F dispute on Obama-era Patriot decision 17 hours ago. You can create an account here.

    images ba type rating

    Advanced Search. In the two UK examples given, they do not charge experienced pilots requiring a type rating, nor do they charge cadets who obviously require a type rating.

    images ba type rating

    Yep fair enough I think we are in agreement to be honest, the way the industry has gone now I think you need to really split the buy-a-rating argument in two. Which do you think would have best job prospects in ? British Airways recruitment.

    images ba type rating
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    British Airways recruits pilots with a variety of backgrounds and experience.

    What is the average starting salary for a First Officer?

    British Airways opens cadet pilot programme Pilot Career News

    I am sure there are plenty more. We also accept applications from military pilots, both fixed-wing and rotary, once they have attained 1, hours on a military aircraft type.

    images ba type rating

    Candidates who are taller than 1. The airline is equally keen on recruiting flight crew from the commercial field and, albeit in a smaller volume, from the military arena.

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    1. With regards to graduate pilot entry, what is your preference on their training routes, modular or integrated? This sum was on a monthly sliding scale.