Amsoil saber test

images amsoil saber test

I am running the Saber in my KTM xc-w at an ratio. I've had my KTM running 60 mph for 2 hours straight on adventure rides with no issues. Reviewed by Mtaukumgold :. Reviewed by Krith :. That's my entire point of this thread, how can 1 mix work with any ratio of engine, without adjusting the carb needles? If a couple of hundred rpm is gonna make a difference on whether the machine burns up or not then you are running way too close to the edge, Imo. Click star to rate:. Reviewed by Amatuer Golfer :. Click here to visit Detailed Product Page. Been using Saber Professional for years.

  • Reviews for AMSOIL SABER Professional Synthetic 2Stroke Oil
  • Amsoil Saber, Tanaka Perfect Mix, Universal OneMix affect RPM

  • Reviews for AMSOIL SABER Professional Synthetic 2Stroke Oil

    Check out AMSOIL Performance Tests displaying the quality of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil Performance Test. Saber Amsoil, they ran two tests on string trimmers, Echos and Redmax. I was told by a factory rep that they left the carb needles at the factory.

    I had to blow some leaves this afternoon so I mixed up some of the Saber that I had at You are correct, it does smell better than the Echo.
    Scared to try at 80 or Reviewed by Lars : the best 2 stroke oil I have a Husky chainsaw and an Echo weed eater, also an Evinrude 65 horse outboard and this stuff runs clean and smooth, consistent results and totally reliable. We run it at I don't have "spuge" dripping out of my exhaust anymore and used the same plug for over 5 years. May 23rd, And, there was no such thing as synthetic oil back then.

    Reviewed by KG :.

    images amsoil saber test
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    Based on my other experiences with Amsoil's products, I wouldn't expect anything less.

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    images amsoil saber test

    I was very impressed with the lack of exhaust smell and after some carb adjustments it runs very well. Der Elektrikerviews. Reviewed by Jacko : I highly recommend this product I use this product mixed at in my dirt bike and my lawn equipment which makes it very easy too use and almost no deposits or splooge in my exhaust.

    an individual who has purchased the reviewed product and submitted their review This is a great product like all the products I have purchased from Amsoil.

    images amsoil saber test

    . I have been using Amsoil Saber oil for over 25 years and have no complaints.
    Reviewed by Bob : Best oil on the market Have been using Saber 2 cycle for 16 years. July 16th, Reviewed by Ally :.

    Amsoil Saber, Tanaka Perfect Mix, Universal OneMix affect RPM

    November 11th, They need to be mixed richer to have enough lubricity to protect engine parts. June 26th, I have been running this in my Husky saw from the day I bought it new, and can expect longer life in the saw from other oils.

    images amsoil saber test
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    Reviewed by Jrkgalant :.

    In all my pre mix gas powered equipment. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

    Vegas RoManiac 33, views. Got2Learnviews. No more clogged exhaust and no engine issues for so ever.

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