2006 pontiac gto vs stiftgasse

images 2006 pontiac gto vs stiftgasse

Little tweaking to a naturally asperated v8 and some bolt ons and there wont be any competition. Its a real GTO because Pontiac decided to put the name on it. They were quick, no doubt, but the torque I had always pulled me up and out front. Shop For Cars. The worst part is that, despite its awful aesthetics and Australian origins, with its Corvette C6 powertrain the GTO easily outperformed and outperforms its neo-muscle competitors—the Charger, the Mustang, the Camaro, and even the Challenger. Well, the author is entitled to his opinion…. In four years of ownership, my 90,mile GTO has never left me stranded. Again I agree, seemed to be the car some in the press loved to critize, pontiac made so many overstyled cars after the gto it was refreshing to see this generation of understated style like the earlier gto. Regardless, I always had numerous people complimenting me on my car and offering to buy it on the spot, especially after I removed the spoiler. Bask in the anonymity of your ignorance.

  • The Car that Killed Pontiac The GTO

  • The GTO was available with a six-speed manual transmission in all three years. After selling only 13, of 15, cars inin Preach your Pontiac: Classic GTO or modern GTO? Gto Vs GTO When Pontiac resurrected the nameplate inmost critics agreed that. Translate hija en ingles See spanishenglish translations with audio pronunciations examples and wordbyword explanations.
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    A Cobra was a high 12 second car on a good day. Pretty amazing how you think a limited run of 18k per year over 3 years was somehow instrumental in Pontiac failure. Actually, in the fastest production car in America was the Chevelle SS Ughh Rant. I have loved all of them for different reasons, and never felt a shred of dissappointment in any of them.

    images 2006 pontiac gto vs stiftgasse
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    Its powerfull, smooth, handles great, and I like the understated look.

    Recent comment authors. The was a far superior car in many important ways, engine, brakes now from the Corvettelooks, etc. Retro was the predominant styling fad of the early s, a trend the GTO knowingly bucked.

    images 2006 pontiac gto vs stiftgasse

    The gto was the greatest thing to happen to Pontiac!

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    Im a clueless troll because I have a 99 Trans Am thatll hang with if not beat a termi on any given day.

    It is what it is, as far as Pontiac and how they met their bitter end. A full bolt on car makes to the ground.

    The Car that Killed Pontiac The GTO

    Are you kiddin? They wanted to bring a high performance car to market for Pontiac. John Crepea. Your other favorite car must have been the Ford Pinto.

    images 2006 pontiac gto vs stiftgasse
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    As a former owner and yes I said former of a GTO, I have to agree with the consensus of those who ARE knowledgable and know what they are speaking of.

    I spent the better part of my teens and early twenties driving a El Camino, a wreck with a distracted soccer mom in a minivan destroyed my Camaro RS, and I own a TPI 5-speed Firebird Formula that could use a valve job much sooner than later.

    images 2006 pontiac gto vs stiftgasse

    Companies cant keep producing the same cars forever. Clint L.

    GM had no replacements in the US. So, did the GTO kill Pontiac?

    Video: 2006 pontiac gto vs stiftgasse Watch This BEFORE You Buy a Pontiac GTO (2004-2006) A.K.A Australian Corvette

    Finally someone who knows what their talking about.

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